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Sunday, July 31, 2011


This morning I tried a recipe for sweet potato pancakes (out of a cookbook I will not name), and I stayed pretty true to the recipe with the exception of my usual substitutions HEB Real Eggs for the eggs, 1/2 the salt, sodium free baking soda instead of regular and 1/3 wheat flour for the flour.  I also substituted canned pumpkin for the mashed sweet potatoes - because that sounded reasonable and I didn't have any sweet potatoes on hand.

The batter was REALLY thick, but I tried it anyway...cooked 4 pancakes for 20 minutes and they were still raw in the middle!  So...I started trying various ways to "help" the recipe....

I started by adding additional milk.  Nope...didn't work.  Same problem.

Then I added some whipping cream.  Nope...didn't work.  Same problem.  I thought maybe a little more canola oil.  Nope...didn't work.  Same problem.

The batter tastes really good (HEB Real Eggs are pasteurized, so I figured they're safe to sample - not so with actual eggs), but the pancakes just NEVER get done in the middle. 

I've NEVER seen anything like it.  (And I've made LOTS of pancakes - even pumpkin pancakes - over the years!)

So...I guess we'll just chalk this one up to a major breakfast FAIL, and move on to dry cereal for breakfast!  LOL!

If you have any recommendations or suggestions on what on earth went wrong, please let me know.

Have a blessed Lord's day...

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