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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Faithy's Spicy Roasted Veggies

Another HOWDY from Zig Zag on this beautiful fall day.  The temps are just starting to cool off a bit, and I'm loving it!  I got to spend the day in worship and fellowship with friends and family.  What could be better.

I thought I'd stop by again to share a recipe I came up with last night, while experimenting with the roasted tomato idea I mentioned in my last post.  I basically just cleaned out my fridge, and threw this together, so you'll have to forgive the lack of measurements.  I think you'll get the idea though.  Feel free to use whatever veggies sound good to you.

Faithy's Spicy Roasted Veggies

sweet red onion, thinly sliced
garlic cloves (whole or halved) (I love garlic, so I used quite a bit!)
zucchini & yellow squash, cut into 1" rounds, then quartered into large chunks
whole grape (or cherry) tomatoes (I used both, because I had them)

Basically, I just tumbled all the veggies into a large bowl and sprayed them with extra virgin olive oil (using my Misto sprayer)Then I added a little salt & pepper, red pepper flakes (you can leave these out if you don't like it so spicy, but I thought they added a wonderful "zing") and some McCormick Italian Herb Seasoning & Garlic Pepper Seasoning (both come in those neat grinders...I use them all the time!).  I tossed it all together and dumped it into a baking dish. (You could use a 9"x13" cake pan as well.) 

Ready to go into the oven!
Next, I put the whole thing into a preheated 400°F oven, and baked it for an hour, stirring occasionally.  (You can mist it with a little more olive oil if it starts to look too dry.)

Just out of the oven...
I served it with a few chow mein noodles (for crunch), and a bit of grated Parmesan cheese.  This time, I made it as a veggies-only meal, but you could easily add chicken or pasta to stretch it even further.  Just take the basic idea and use your imagination like I did.

Mmmmmmmmm...the roasting really brings out a rich flavor in the veggies.  Delicious!

Have a GREAT week my friends...

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